Physical Therapy Group, Notary Services, Covid Note, Lanai Screening & Supply Chain Issues

Physical Therapy Group: EDGE Physical Therapy Group is giving residents free evaluations today, Thursday and Saturday in the fitness center. EDGE will then be here three days a week beginning on October 12th to provide on-site physical therapy in the fitness center. We are optimistic that having physical therapy within the community will be popular while enhancing our amenity offerings. (see page 5 for more information.)
Notary Services: Due to the high demand and time required for notary services in the HGRD office, beginning October 6th, there will be a $10 fee for all notaries. The charge can be billed to your house account. Please call the office to make a notary reservation.
COVID Note: While most of our residents can drive up the street to Publix & Walgreens if they want the vaccine, Florida has created a program that allows homebound seniors to sign up to have the vaccine brought directly to them. If anyone would like more information, please contact Karon Bennett at 731-4566 [email protected] , or email to [email protected] .
Golf Membership: For those residents who were not members of the golf course last year but intend to join the course this season, annual golf fees are not due until the golf course opens. However, please bear in mind that residents cannot play reciprocal clubs and pay the reciprocal fee until the membership fees are paid. If you have any questions, please contact Carol Bratten at: [email protected].
New Lanai Screening: You may have noticed screening has been removed from the back lanai behind the Ballroom. Dan is in the process of having the lanai porch rescreened later this week if the screen material is available.
Supply Chain Problems: I’m sure many of you are aware of the congestion and bottlenecks in key ports in Southern California wreaking havoc on global supply chains in addition to the lack of truck drivers to deliver the goods even if the container ships can unload. According to reports, the queue is a result of pandemic-related disruptions, and holiday-buying surges, paired with a national labor shortage. As it relates to Herons Glen, we are experiencing shortages and price increases from items like food, fertilizer, pro shop merchandise, PVC piping, just to name a few.
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