Service of Alcoholic Beverages & Pool Rules

We would like to welcome all the new residents who have chosen to call Herons Glen home, as well as those of you who are just returning to Florida. All of us are looking forward to the upcoming season and getting back to some sense of normalcy. Although many of us are tired of hearing about rules, mandates, restrictions, etc., particularly over the past 20 months, we do want to point out several important rules concerning the District. The first one involves the service of alcoholic beverages in the Clubhouse. Current District policy states, “The HGRD abides by all laws of the State of Florida regarding the purchase, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the HGRD’s property. Due to state and local liquor laws, all alcoholic beverages to be served and consumed on the HGRD’s premises must be purchased from HGRD and residents or guests may not bring alcoholic beverages on the premises (including the parking lot).” I don’t think this rule comes as a shock to anyone considering the liquor liability and loss of income implications. Most of us are accustomed to not bringing alcohol into establishments that sell alcohol, however, we have had reports recently that this is happening in our restaurant/ballroom and plan to deal with it accordingly.

As we approach the holiday season, the swimming pool will be in high demand. We ask that you please review several of the rules so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience at the pool. For a full list of our Rules & Regulations, please click here. 1. Swimming is permitted between the hours of dawn and dusk daily, except when closed for maintenance purposes. (Night swimming is prohibited.) Use of the pool is at swimmer’s own risk. The pool is not tended by a lifeguard. 2. Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Babies and small children using the pool must wear approved swimming diaper-suits. Running, ball playing, and any noisy or hazardous activity including diving and jumping into the pool shall not be permitted. Rafts and similar large flotation devices are also prohibited. 3. According to Health Department Regulations, showers are required before entering the pool to remove all suntan oils and lotions. When using suntan oils and lotions, place a towel on the pool chairs/lounges so as not to stain the furniture. 4. If open, food and/or beverage is to be purchased from the Food & Beverage operation. 5. Swimmers must wear proper swim attire. Cut-offs, dungarees and Bermudas are not considered appropriate swim wear. 6. Radios may be used only at very low volume or with personal earphones.
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