CLIS Project Update

CLIS Project Update: Mainscape continues to troubleshoot and replace existing field wire paths, which in some cases are over 30 years old. Changing the central control wiring is what we are attacking first as part of improving the CLIS infrastructure. All 14 controllers are now operable and can be run from the CLIS computer and Wi-Fi phone apps. However, more wire path repairs and replacement are needed. Tucor, the company we partner with for our CLIS components, will be onsite again later this month to perform another audit of the system and help us prepare a Master Plan Document moving forward. A lot of work has been done so far this summer, but we need to continue improving the system.

Operationally, Ryker and his CLIS team are busy addressing resident requests. As you can imagine, with 1,300 houses (DR Horton included) and over 460,000 sprinkler heads throughout the community, the team is staying busy. We continue to ask that you please not stop the CLIS staff as they travel from one request to the another. Ryker is attempting to address each request within 24-48 hours and is asking residents to fill out a Resident Request Form at the District office or contact him at [email protected] so they can stay on schedule. Please note that homeowners are responsible for edging grass around the sprinkler heads along with trimming all landscape plantings so as not to interfere with the operation of the sprinkler heads.
Thank you for your patience and more updates will be forthcoming throughout the season.
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