CDC Guidance, Supply Chain Issues & Cleaning

In accordance with CDC guidance, the District Board is recommending vaccinated people wear face coverings indoors on District property. Unvaccinated should continue to follow CDC guidelines for masking.

Food & Beverage: By now, most of us have heard about the national supply chain issues, shipping delays, driver shortages and ongoing staffing problems. We are now facing liquor distribution issues along with glass shortages making it harder and more expensive to manufacture liquor bottles!

The F&B team will remain flexible and may have to adjust what we can offer with respect to our weekly a la carte offerings along with the hours of operation. Depending on staffing requirements, we may have to close the restaurant or the main dining room during large ballroom events. (Please check your emails for reminders and updates.) Labor shortages are affecting the entire country as well as how we run our day-to-day business. Recruiting new staff is, and will be, an on-going process.

It only takes one trip to the grocery store to realize the cost of food and supplies continue to rise. Depending on the menu items, we will attempt to maintain our current pricing structure, although the prices are subject to change if we see dramatic costing changes.

Due to the pandemic, many of our H2B team members had to fly back to Jamaica for a certain amount of time before returning to the US. This means the H2B staff will be arriving in two separate waves: two (2) cooks & two (2) servers in early November and two (2) cooks & two (2) servers in early December. We would have like to have had them in early October, but due to a number of complex nuances of the H2B program, we had to bring them back in this manner.
All of us on the F&B team appreciate your patience!

Note from the GM: Clubhouse Roof & Parking Lot Cleaning: Please be advised that Dan is scheduled to have the clubhouse roof, and others around the community, cleaned October 19th-21st. Also, on October the 18th, the front parking lot, where the golf course renovation equipment and materials were staged, will be pressure-washed. Please look for safety cones restricting access those days.
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