Bond Projects

In 1999, HGRD assessed each of the 1,300 existing or proposed lots within Herons Glen at the rate of approximately $1,127 per year for the purpose of raising funds to repay the money which the District borrowed for purchase of the recreational facilities. In 2006 HGRD refinanced the prior Bonds, raised additional capital, and used the funds to significantly add to or improve our recreation facilities. As a result the annual Bond assessment  increased to $1,294. In 2020 the District again refinanced the Bonds and raised an additional $12,950,000 of capital for substantial additions and improvements to the golf course and the other recreational facilities. The annual Bond assessment increased by $131 to an assessment of approximately $1,425 per year.

Bathroom at Driving Range
Storage Building
Ballroom ADA Stage Access and Bathroom
Ballroom Update and Equipment
Pickleball Court Addition
Tennis Courts-Sun Awnings, Pavers
Shuffle Board-Sun Awnings, Pavers
Bocce Ball Courts - Renovation & Expand
Residential Irrigation, CLIS Update
Dining Room/Lounge & Bar Update
Pool Deck Expansion & Partial Awning
Cart/Pedestrian Bridge Repair/Replace
Multi-Use Cart Paths
Clubhouse - Roof, Windows, Insulation, & other Infrastructure Needs
Permeation Retention Pond
Golf Course Renovation 

Follow this link to Read Bond Project Updates from J.B. Belknap, HGRD General Manager: