Thank You For Following Our Progress!

Herons Glen Golf & Country Club reopened the golf course on December 16, 2021 following an extensive renovation project under the direction of award-winning golf course designer Ron Garl. A golf course renovation can be a monumental undertaking for any golf club. Every renovation project is unique and requires creativity, flexibility and investment from all of the involved parties. It requires a well-orchestrated team of individuals including – but not limited to – the Golf Course Architect, Golf Course Superintendent, General Manager, Board & Committee Members and dedicated staff.

"We were very fortunate to work with Ron Garl and Clarke Construction during the redesign. Our members are ecstatic with all of the enhancements that were made to the course. With six sets of tees, we feel it will provide a memorable golfing experience for players of all skill levels.” said General Manager J.B. Belknap.

We would like to thank the residents at Herons Glen who donated their time and energy promoting this golf course renovation online, and to our photography partner Mike Seiler from Trident Elite Photography who provided the drone footage above.