One very important aspect of Recreation District operations is forming the committees who deliver recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. Committee members are essential to growth at Herons Glen. We welcome knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm on HGRD committees in order to shape the future of the Herons Glen community.

Thank you to our Committee Members for your interest, involvement and commitment to the District.

If you are interested in volunteering for a particular committee, please watch for an email from your Board of Supervisors in March of each year.

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Charters & Minutes

Audit Ad Hoc Committee

Concert Series Selection Ad Hoc Committee

Facilities & Amenities Standing Committee

Finance Standing Committee

2021 Finance Standing Committee Meeting Minutes:

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Friends of the Library Continuing Committee

Golf Renovation Ad Hoc Committee

Long-Range Planning Standing Committee

Media Resources Continuing Committee

Problem-Solving Task Force Ad Hoc Committee

Resident Events Continuing Committee