24 hours a day, 7 days a week; for medical, fire or police emergencies, call 911; for vehicle accidents when there is damage to another’s property or injuries, call 911. After hours or on the weekends, if non-emergency assistance is needed, call the gatehouse at (239) 543-4489 and the officer will direct your inquiry to the proper staff member. Please report any suspicious activity to the Gatehouse or the Lee County Sheriff Department (239) 477-1000.

AED (Automated External Defibrillation) Locations

AED units are utilized to provide early intervention for cardiac emergencies to increase survival rate. AEDs are available in the following six areas:

  • Clubhouse Lobby – Breezeway Next to the Main Restaurant Entry

  • Off of Hole # 13 - Corner of Via Montana Way and Skyler Drive

  • Fitness Center Lobby – Inside left wall

  • Pickleball Courts – On the Northern facing fence

  • Tennis, Bocce, Shuffleboard Restroom Area

  • Golf Pro Shop - Starter Shack

    Click here for a map from the clubhouse

Lightning Detection

We use Thor Guard as our lightning prediction and warning system to help protect people from the dangers of lightning strikes. The system uses advanced technology to monitor the electrical activity in the atmosphere and provides real-time alerts when lightning is detected in the area. It is important that everyone takes the Thor Guard system seriously. In the event of inclement weather, one long, continuous siren alerts that lightning is in the area. All outdoor activity is to cease, and people should take safe cover. Three short, separate siren sounds signal that lightning has cleared the immediate area. For your convenience and peace of mind, view our Thor Guard page We cannot provide mobile alerts now, but you can save the link on your computer or mobile device so you can view it anytime.

Click here to read more about the Lightning Prediction System.


It is important to remember that all of Florida's native species contribute to balanced ecosystems. Believe it or not, you’re in their territory. Most wild animals don’t like it when you invade their space. Please do not feed the alligators, birds, ducks, raccoons or any other wildlife! For all wildlife concerns please contact the HGRD Administration Office at (239) 731-4501.