One very important aspect of Recreation District operations is forming committees that deliver recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. Committee members are essential to growth at Herons Glen. We welcome knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm on HGRD committees in order to shape the future of the Herons Glen community.

Thank you to our Committee Members for your interest, involvement, and commitment to the District.

Charters, Minutes & Rosters

as of May 1, 2024

General Policies Concerning Committees

A. General Policies Concerning All Committees

1. The Board appoints all committees and committee members. All committee members serve at the pleasure of the Board.
2. The Board may, if needed, create standing committees, ad hoc committees and sub-committees. The ad hoc and sub-committees may be authorized to report either directly to the Board or through a standing committee based on the charter of the committee. Committee members may be asked to serve on special committees and/or perform special studies. The Board may appoint alternate members of committees.
3. All appointees and/or members of any committee must be an owner in the District. Committee applications are strongly considered when making committee appointments.
4. The committee chair must promptly notify the Board of any resignation or vacancy on the committee. Vacancies on or seats created by expansion of any committee will be filled at the Board’s discretion, with preference given to Residents who have requested and been vetted for service on that particular committee.
5. Committees serve only in an advisory capacity. Committees may recommend, but do not approve or take action pertaining to the District. Committee members may not direct District Management and/or Staff Members. All requests for staff to provide information must be requested through the General Manager. All Committee recommendations are subject to Board approval.
6. After each meeting, the Committee Chair will prepare a brief written report providing any recommendations that were approved by a vote of the committee membership. This written report will be verbally presented to the Board at a scheduled workshop or meeting.

B. Standing Committee Policies

1. All standing committee appointments begin on the first day of May. All standing committee appointments expire on April 30th the following year. Committee members must re-apply for membership annually.
2. Each standing committee will have a Supervisor from the Board to serve as the committee’s liaison.
3. The General Manager will be liaison to all standing committees.
4. All standing committees will meet minimally once per calendar quarter. An organizational meeting shall be held during May to select the Chair, the Vice-chair and review the charter. Regular quarterly meetings will be scheduled each calendar quarter. The Board Liaison will establish initial meeting times, dates and locations when Management requests dates for room scheduling. Additional meetings or modifications may be scheduled by the committee chair.
5. All standing committees will consist of no less than five (5) nor more than seven (7) members in good standing. Additional person(s) may be appointed as a nonvoting, alternate member(s). In the absence of a regular member at any meeting the alternate member’s status would change to that of a regular member for the duration of that meeting. In the case of a committee member’s resignation, the alternate member would become the regular member. Committee members are expected to attend the quarterly meetings and are invited to participate in the budget workshops.
6. The General Manager will designate a recording secretary for Standing Committees for purposes of minutes only. All other correspondence is the responsibility of the committee chair. Draft minutes should be posted on the website prior to the next meeting of the committee.
7. Committee scope may be expanded by the Board.

C. Ad Hoc Committee Policies

1. Ad hoc committees and their membership are appointed by the Board as the need arises and are discharged after the task for which they were formed has been completed.
2. Ad hoc committees should select a chair or coordinator. The chair or coordinator is responsible for setting meeting times, locations and dates.
3. The committee’s minutes or notes are the responsibility of the committee.
4. The membership of an ad hoc committee is largely dependent upon its purpose and area of study/work.
5. Alternate members may be appointed to an ad hoc committee
6. Serving on a standing committee does not preclude a person from serving on one or more ad hoc committees at the same time.
7. Any proposed change to committee membership is to be promptly submitted to the Board for approval.
8. The District Board of Supervisors may remove a committee member at any time.
9. The Board may assign a member of the Board to serve as a liaison to these committees.


  • Adams-Payne, Karen
  • Agate, Bob
  • Baker, Diana
  • Bickel, Bonnie
  • Bickel, Mike
  • Birecree, Jack
  • Birecree, Linda
  • Bondi, Phil
  • Bryan, Carol
  • Colletti, Kathleen
  • Dawes, Bill
  • Dawes, Cheryl
  • Edinger, Linda
  • Gignac, Fred
  • Halleran, Ellen
  • Hebert, Bill
  • Mosier, Inedem
  • Mosier, Ron
  • Holzworth-Moore, Carol
  • Jensen, Karen
  • Johnson, Bruce
  • Johnson, Donna
  • Lindquist, Rick
  • Lowe, Mic
  • Lowe, Steve
  • Matheny, Cindy
  • Matheny, Dave
  • McDonald, David
  • McDonald, Sean
  • McMullen, Gary
  • Meehan, Kevin
  • Miller, Chuck
  • Miller, Paulette
  • Moore, Fred
  • Mosier, Ron
  • Noll, Gene
  • Olsen, Carl
  • Olsen, Kathy
  • Parkinson, Duane
  • Pedersen, Larry
  • Pedersen, Sharon
  • Prescott, Dale
  • Prescott, Neal
  • Prince, Lenny
  • Puckett, Wilma
  • Rabb, Dan
  • Rathburn, Dennis
  • Regnier, Robert
  • Rittenburg, Cindy
  • Rittenburg, Leonard
  • Roberts, Dale
  • Roberts, Karen
  • Roever, Ed
  • Slater, Evan
  • Slater, Janet
  • Spaide, Donna
  • Spenceley, Tom
  • Taylor, Bruce
  • Van Belois, Bernadette
  • Viets, Dennis
  • Viets, Sandra
  • Vivian, Gary
  • Wagoner, Gordon
  • Wagoner, Stephanie
  • Weinberger, Richard

Audit Ad Hoc Committee

Audit Ad Hoc Committee Charter


  • Brendsel, David
  • Misener, Don
  • Popp, Dennis
  • Tyndall, Beth
  • Wilkin, Nicole
  • Board Liaison Jayne Schwarz


Auditor Selection Ad Hoc Committee Charter


  • Dennis Popp
  • Nicole Wilkin
  • Committee Chair Treasurer Jayne Schwarz

Ballroom Renovation Ad Hoc Committee

Ballroom Renovation Ad Hoc Committee Charter

Notes: Roster:
  • Beth Brucker
  • Pat Clopton
  • Bob Hansford
  • Karen Jessop
  • Paul Koenig
  • David Muir
  • Trish Perry

Concert Series Selection ad hoc Committee

Concert Series Selection Ad Hoc Committee Charter


  • Dennis DeLuca
  • Linda Gastreich
  • Mary Koenig
  • Trish Perry
  • Terry Potts
  • Staff Liaison Wendy Shea - [email protected]

Facilities & Amenities Standing Committee

Finance Standing Committee

Finance Standing Committee Charter

2024 Minutes:

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  • Brendsel, David
  • Buxton, Jeffrey
  • Lehman, Rita
  • Pedersen, Larry 
  • Popp, Dennis
  • Potts, Terry
  • Smith, Carlton 
  • Barney, Robert (Alternate)
  • Tyndall, Beth (Alternate)
  • Board Liaison Jayne Schwarz

Golf Standing Committee

Golf Standing Committee Charter

2024 Minutes:

  • Edinger, Jon
  • Herbstritt, Bob
  • Johnson, Bruce
  • Regnier, Robert
  • Sullivan, Karen
  • Swanson, Randy
  • Vivian, Lori
  • Kiniry, Thomas (Alternate)
  • Weinberger, Richard (Alternate)
  • Board Liaison Peter Overs

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2022-23 Golf Committee (Ad Hoc) Annual Report

Transitioned from from Green Committee to Golf Committee

Green Ad Hoc Committee Charter
Click to Open Minutes from 2023 (Greens)
Click to Open Minutes from 2022
Click to Open Minutes from 2021

Transitioned from Golf Renovation Committee to Green Committee

Golf Course Renovation Ad Hoc Committee Charter
Click to Open Minutes from 2021
Click here to read recommendations for the 2021 golf course renovation made by the committee.


Golf Handicap Ad Hoc Committee Charter
  • Amico, Patricia 
  • Bickel, Mike 
  • Chipman, Tracy
  • Moore, Carol 
  • Rabb, Peggy 

Library ad hoc Committee

Library ad hoc Committee Charter

Hardback Book Section:
Andrea Mead - Monday
Joan Darcy - Monday Summer
Susan Christodoulou - Tuesday
Bob Castellanos - Wednesday
Sue Perkins - Thursday
Kathleen Colletti - Friday
Janice Sklavounos - Saturday
Joyce Russell - Saturday Summer
Bob Jacobson - Sunday

Paperback Books and Video Section:
Gloria Selander - Monday
Carol Dyer - Tuesday
Pat Scharf - Tuesday Summer
Jean Fluharty - Wednesday
Susan O’Connor - Thursday
Mary Martin - Friday
Terry Rosen - Friday Summer
Barbara Klockson - Saturday
Elaine Quilliam - Sunday
Judith West - Puzzles

Library Objective:
To keep the library books organized, properly displayed and accounted for.

Organizers of the Friends of the Library:
Susan Christodoulou
Pat Gentile

Book Removal:
Jerry Lewis

Last Updated April 22, 2024

Long-Range Planning Standing Committee

Long-Range Planning Standing Committee Charter

2024 Minutes:

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Click Here for Minutes from 2021
Click to Open Minutes from 2020


  • Brucker, Beth 
  • Buxton, Jeffrey
  • Forman, Joyce 
  • Gignac, Fred 
  • Herbstritt, Bob
  • Popp, Dennis
  • Smith, Carlton
  • Holmes, Glen (Alternate)
  • Kikani, Tapan (Alternate)
  • Board Liaison Howard Young

Media Resources ad hoc Committee

Media Continuing Committee Charter


  • Cashell, Bill
  • Chipman, Paul
  • Dahlstrom, Steve
  • Dentel, Rob
  • Hansford, Bob
  • Jessop, Karen
  • Koenig, Paul
  • LeMere, Bob
  • Schwarz, Jayne

Problem-Solving ad hoc Committee

Problem-Solving Committee Charter


Brucker, Beth
Edinger, Jon
Gignac, Fred
Herbstritt, Bob
Thomas, Dick
Woolley, Craig
Board Liaison Bill Kulkoski

Resident Events ad hoc Committee

Resident Events Ad Hoc Committee Charter


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Click Here to Open Minutes from 2022
Click Here to Open Minutes from 2021


  • Gary Attalla
  • Nancy Attalla
  • Barbara Callaghan
  • Shelly Christiansen
  • Pat Crytser
  • Susan Darcy
  • Laurie Decker
  • John DiTusa
  • Denise Fell
  • Bonnie Gee
  • Candace Huetteman
  • Jean Perillo-Roman
  • Nancy Peters
  • Marla Pierce
  • Martie Shea
  • Patty Sperduti
  • Cathy Styles
  • Dave Thompson
  • Nancy Thompson
  • Judith West